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Fantasticnovel 猪宝宝萌萌哒 – Chapter 4346 – Lin Ya’s Real Motive (6) longing mug read-p1
My Youth Began With Him

NovelMy Youth Began With HimMy Youth Began With Him
Chapter 4346 – Lin Ya’s Real Motive (6) pat skip
I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot
Because the male added herbal tea into his glass, he decreased his mind and explained, “You’re an intelligent lady, and so i won’t beat across the bush with you… My Superior has been doing C Community for many a long time, and everybody in the underworld realizes me. Also the Director of your Community Bureau should give me some face… Earlier, there have been some little stars who have been insensible and disobedient… Just after my bros required converts with these and needed some photos… they has become obedient. In truth, Neglect Han, I like you and don’t desire to deal with you that way…”
When she observed the message ‘provide’… Han Yueyao almost vomited.
Han Yueyao got another glance for the foods on the desk and was instantly stunned.
Chapter 4346: Lin Ya’s True Purpose (6)
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“Our supervisor prefers you and wishes to look after you as his lover…”
The person didn’t know what to do with Han Yueyao. It had been his very first time visiting a woman movie star chat so instantly, in which he really couldn’t get used to it.
The guy didn’t know how to deal with Han Yueyao. It had been his newbie seeing a woman celebrities speak so right, and then he really couldn’t become accustomed to it.
The guy considered Han Yueyao confidentially.
But investigating these foods, she knew how large people were in energy.
“Uncle, I don’t think that’s appropriate. Our difference in seniority is…” Han Yueyao pretended to generally be sooth and smiled.
Chapter 4346: Lin Ya’s Serious Motive (6)
“Ah, you can just get in touch with me Sibling w.a.n.g. I am not too old, and I am not much more than you…”
“Ah, you can just call up me Sibling w.a.n.g. I am not that ancient, and I am little more than you…”
story hour readers book three
The subordinate behind her grabbed Han Yueyao’s cellphone about. Her heart transformed cold.
Not surprisingly, this thought only survived for your moment…
“Miss Han, to tell the truth, when I first noticed yourself on Telly, I noticed like I was deeply mesmerized by you… You are merely a tiny superstar in Imperial Superstar now, correct? It may take time for you to turn into famous… Why don’t you be my companion? I won’t impede your acting… I will even buy you a villa along with a physical activities car… I’ll provide you with a several million yuan as allowance every month… What is your opinion?”
The person identified as Tiger from behind slice in fiercely.
When she heard the saying ‘provide’… Han Yueyao almost vomited.
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Of course, this believed only survived for a moment…
It’s already the center of the evening and you simply still wish to take in these greasy meal?
Chapter 4346: Lin Ya’s Real Motive (6)
Needless to say, this idea only survived to obtain a moment…
“Ahem… call up me granddad then.”
The guy looked over Han Yueyao confidentially.
Han Yueyao got out her phone as she spoke with him…

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