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The Final Protectors
Dragon King's Son-In-Law

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 424 waiting level
Then, Hao Ren’s right hand formed a sword motion, as well as the 320 sword energies divided into three A single-lines Snake Collection Formations before das.h.i.+ng downward at Zhao Kuo in the middle of his assortment from three information .
Finding the matter deteriorating, Zhao Guang yelled in worry .
Among the many Hao Ren’s remaining sword energies, 12 sword energies abruptly made grey .
If Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo performed together, then the impressive sword energies can be like swarming soldiers… Oldman Zeng’s view increased slowly and gradually, and that he was out of the blue struck with panic .
Although Western side Seashore Dragon Palace had 300,000 troopers, they couldn’t stand up to 10,000 properly-controlled sword energies!
Hundun sword energies shattered everything of the five elements!
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The surrounding cultivators kept their breaths since not one of them acquired experienced this kind of tough struggle .
About them was all debris, along with the 24 modest arenas and another huge industry were actually not anymore recognizable .
If Zhao Kuo couldn’t move upon it, he wouldn’t let Hao Ren to obtain it .
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Zhao Kuo far surpa.s.sed Hao Ren in approach, compel, and posture .
Everyone could observe that Hao Ren was no match for Zhao Kuo and thought about why he persisted .
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“I’m your adversary at this time, not your thirdly uncle!” Zhao Kuo explained coldly to Hao Ren although his 640 sword energies brightened again to destroy Hao Ren’s other sword energies!
The 640 sword energies rotated at wonderful quickness approximately Zhao Kuo .
A commander who didn’t treasure his / her troopers and commanded them impulsively would fall short!
Every person could realize that Hao Ren was no match for Zhao Kuo and thought about why he persisted .
Among the list of a large number of Hao Ren’s other sword energies, 12 sword energies unexpectedly turned greyish .
If Zhao Kuo cultivated into a larger kingdom, then no one could guard against this previous No . 1 Learn inside the mortal world .
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Nonetheless, these people were rivalling employing their sword arrays, as a result it was no longer vital if Minor White was Hao Ren’s support or maybe not .
1-range Snake Range Structure!
Two Dragons Collection Structure!
If they had been involved in shut-assortment deal with, Hao Ren might have a chance to acquire . It absolutely was extremely hard for him to overcome Zhao Kuo that way .
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Hum… Hum… The 320 sword energies shaped a triangular pyramid approximately Hao Ren, and in addition they blinked with an increase of injections of Hao Rens characteristics fact Minimal Bright white was getting round the area just like it planned to sign up for the combat . However, these people were contesting employing their sword arrays, therefore it was will no longer critical if Tiny Bright white was Hao Rens support or otherwise not . It seems like the Five Hills Charms are effective… Standing beyond the market, Su Han considered to themselves . Published coming from the constraint of the Five Mountain range Bracelets, Hao Ren encountered an incredible growth in the use of his nature essences . Swoos.h.!.+ Swoosh… The 320 sword energies produced a brand before stabbing toward Zhao Kuo who was guarded by 640 sword energies . Just one-line Snake Selection Creation! w.a.n.g Xi who has been status in the sideline in the field increased his eyeballs subconsciously . He obtained once noticed Hao Rens A single-range Snake Selection Formation, but now, the strength was 10 times more robust as opposed to before . The 640 sword energies rotated at good performance all around Zhao Kuo . As the previous Commanding Basic of Eastern Ocean, Zhao Kuo possessed a serious comprehension of arrays, and the man managed to use Mild Splitting Sword Shadow Technique . Naturally, the sword energies were definitely like troopers, plus the cultivator was the typical . Hao Rens 320 sword energies dashed into Zhao Kuos Eight Trigram Variety and were actually bounced back easily . Then, Hao Rens right hand established a sword motion, along with the 320 sword energies broken into three Just one-range Snake Array Formations before das.h.i.+ng downward at Zhao Kuo in the middle of his collection from three guidelines . Zhao Kuo waved his arms, along with the sword energies in eight guidelines about him pulled back suddenly and sealed like a lotus! Hao Rens sword energies photo down on the outside ends of Zhao Kuos sword energies! The sword energies entangled with one another then out of the blue paused . After the brief silence, Hao Rens sword energies ended up forced away for 100s of m . Standing up during the atmosphere, Hao Ren almost dropped to the floor mainly because of the tremendous influence over his religious sensation . As part of his blue colored robe, Zhao Kuo stood proudly although his 640 sword energies distributed and rotated within the opportunities of your Eight Trigrams . Its no use . He cant succeed, Zhao Guang mentioned within a minimal sound . Whenever they had been involved in close-assortment overcome, Hao Ren might have a chance to acquire . It was actually impossible for him to defeat Zhao Kuo in this manner . Ranking where he was, Zhao Kuo waited for Hao Rens strikes . He was properly-made in any eight guidelines, along with his 640 sword energies have been like top level soldiers under his order . Zhao Kuo far surpa.s.sed Hao Ren in strategy, power, and place . These folks were respectively the first kind and also the present Commanding General on the Eastern side Seas Dragon Clan, but Hao Rens knowledge in military fights was far low quality to Zhao Kuos . This wasnt only a fight of farming sturdiness but a struggle of armed forces technique at the same time! Zhao Kuo was the typical who had to guard the area, and Hao Ren was the overall who was required to siege town! With narrowed eye, Oldman Zeng finally saw through this . The potency of arrays could option with over just one cultivator . Hao Ren could launch 320 sword energies at Gen-degree although Zhao Kuo could free up 640 sword energies at Dui-stage . All the sword energies was equal to a dharma value, and they are often positioned in changeable arrays . If Zhao Kuo cultivated to a increased world, then no-one could protect against this former No . 1 Excel at during the mortal environment . If Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo worked well together with each other, next the powerful sword energies will be like swarming soldiers… Oldman Zengs view increased slowly and gradually, in which he was out of the blue smacked with panic . The procedure that Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo were growing had not been a conflict method but a devastation method! Whilst the To the west Beach Dragon Palace obtained 300,000 members of the military, they couldnt resist ten thousand very well-managed sword energies! Bang! An additional crash of a huge selection of sword energies startled Oldman Zeng, in which he was soon included in cold perspiration . Two Dragons Selection Growth! Standing from the great skies, Hao Rens 320 sword energies broken into two organizations which aimed to ambush Zhao Kuos 80 sword energies from both sides . Zhao Kuos 80 sword energies retreated ten meters whilst his other 160 sword energies closed up in on Hao Rens intruding sword energies from each side . Hao Rens 320 sword energies were definitely locked into Zhao Kuos collection formation . Bang! Bang… The seems with the explosion didnt range from sword energies but Hao Rens body . Though his sword energies have been destroyed, Hao Rens meridians erupted! His azure robe was dyed in sections of reddish colored easily . Gongzi! Lu Linlin and Lu Lili immediately screamed . Third Granddad! Zhao Yanzi also screamed . Even so, Zhao Kuo didnt demonstrate any intention of heading effortless on Hao Ren . His 640 sword energies dismantled Hao Rens 320 sword energies within the sword variety step by step to all eight recommendations . There seemed to be no mercy in conflict! In reference to his 320 sword energies shot and eliminate by Zhao Kuo, Hao Ren would grow to be defenseless . Zhao Kuo shown to Hao Ren what warfare and cruelty intended with his steps! A commander who didnt jewel her / his troopers and commanded them impulsively would are unsuccessful! Zhao Kuo! Observing the circumstance deteriorating, Zhao Guang yelled in dilemma . If this type of extended, Hao Rens sword energies would all be wrecked, and his awesome world might be significantly minimized . Im your foe currently, not your third uncle! Zhao Kuo stated coldly to Hao Ren whilst his 640 sword energies brightened again to eliminate Hao Rens outstanding sword energies! Hao Ren stayed muted when he maneuvered the rest of the sword energies which diminished with the 2nd, looking for a solution of Zhao Kuos selection structure . Declines of blood flow fell from his pumps, with his fantastic palms obtained crevices included . Hao Ren, disclose defeat! Thirdly Uncle wont quit! Zhao Yanzi screamed in tears . Xie Yujias eyes flashed with worry on top of that . Lu Linlin and Lu Lili have been willing to buzz over and preserve Hao Ren . Every person could notice that Hao Ren was no fit for Zhao Kuo and been curious about why he persisted . Coldly, Zhen Congming seen the combat and curled his mouth area like he looked at one thing . By his aspect, Small Bright white was nervous to jump to the arena but was retained back by Zhen Congmings palm . Hao Ren had also required Very little White to settle position together with his religious perception . That you are defeated . Exactly why are you so hard to clean? Zhao Kuo looked up and expected him in a boisterous tone of voice . Id rather combat it all out with Third Uncle! With blood flow oozing in the edges of his mouth, Hao Ren answered in a very excessive speech . Such a fool… Zhao Kuo shook his top of your head somewhat . Then, Sick provide you with a full defeat and surpass you returning to Zhen-point! Zhao Kuos sword energies lit up on top of humming seems . Zhao Kuo! Zhao Guang yelled . Not definitely not them, Oldman Zeng smiled with delight . Hum! Abruptly, a brighter light-weight came out in Zhao Kuos sword variety . One of many a large number of Hao Rens left over sword energies, 12 sword energies out of the blue transformed grey . Hundun sword energies broke everything with the five aspects! The hundun sword energies abruptly spread Zhao Kuos Eight Trigram Array! The 12 sword energies related with one another and photo toward Zhao Kuos center . It turned out a sudden invasion! Hao Rens 320 sword energies were simply being dismantled, but it was within his strategy of breaking up out . Who claimed that Hao Ren didnt know something about the art of battle?! Large-eyed, Zhao Kuo acquired no time at all to act in response . The sword energies have been so fast they struck his chest and forwarded him piloting coming from the material pillar, there was no location for him to ground! If he landed on the floor, he would eliminate! Deng! From Zhao Kuos hindfoot came out a tool . The pitch-dark-colored tri-factor twice-side sword which was created from ten thousand-year or so-aged natural-normal water mystic metal! It had been Zhao Kuos tool, one which earned him his good reputation – Eradicating Tribulation! Ding! The tri-factor dual-edge sword, through one-gauge extended, chance to the ground featuring a tip up . Zhao Kuo landed in the sword and regained his equilibrium . Providing he didnt territory on a lawn, he didnt shed the match up! Surprised at Zhao Kuos reply, Hao Ren hurried around to accept the only material pillar on the lavish arena . On the other hand, Zhao Kuos sword energies shot at it without mercy! If Zhao Kuo couldnt action upon it, he wouldnt make it possible for Hao Ren to obtain it . Hao Ren switched within the atmosphere and photo out 12 sword energies with both hands to bar Zhao Kuos sword energies before support off by ten m . The market was all of a sudden quiet . Zhao Kuo withstood high for the tri-level two times-edge sword when Hao Ren hovered in the oxygen 1 gauge on top of the ground . About them was all particles, plus the 24 compact arenas and the other lavish area have been no more identifiable . Between the two became a natural stone pillar that has been merely one gauge long and 1 / 2 a rectangular meter major . The nearby cultivators retained their breaths since not one of them got experienced this kind of fierce challenge . Young child, you may be decent, Zhao Kuo investigated Hao Ren and explained . So can be you, Next Grandfather, Hao Ren responded to . Close to Zhao Kuo increased 320 sword energies . Hao Ren clenched his fists and introduced 160 sword energies . At Dui-point, Zhao Kuo didnt seem like it was subsequently convenient to use 640 sword energies at total force . On the flip side, Hao Ren, with his meridians destroyed, experienced hit his minimize when releasing 160 sword energies . Hao Rens hundun sword energies left behind a large golf hole in Zhao Kuos robe appropriate ahead of his pectoral, disclosing a dark-colored color under it . Rip! Zhao Kuo tore off his robe . Black colored Mystic Steel Armor! Beneath his robe, Zhao Kuo was donning a Black colored Mystic Steel Armor! The armor considered 2,250 kilograms! He had been combating though using a really substantial iron armor and carrying Killing Tribulation, a weapon that considered through 3,250 kilos! Incredible! The nearby cultivators exclaimed . These cultivators didnt learn how to guide troops in fights, nonetheless they believed that Zhao Kuos steel armour was used in conflicts and was very substantial . You happen to be initially individual who has forced me to use over the steel armor . Standing on the tri-point twice-side sword, Zhao Kuo got off his metal armour and tossed it in the land surface . Thud! The metal armor created a compact crater in the earth when a giant cloud of dirt flew up . During this view, the cultivators who had previously been speculating with regards to the excess weight on the metal armour were actually all surprised . After all, the base the Dragon G.o.d Shrine was on was not made out of regular stones! Together with his upper body undressed, Zhao Kuo discovered his spectacular shape . A tough-seeking black dragon tattoo design was on his upper body, going from his shoulders to his midsection . At the moment, he was only wearing a couple of grey shorts that coated his brawny hip and legs . Whilst everybody was looking at him, Zhao Kuo out of the blue slid over the tri-level twice-edge sword . The second before he landed on a lawn, his hands and wrists gripped the cope with on the sword and pulled it from the soil with force! Bang! The dark-colored tri-stage double-edge sword turned in a white beam of lighting before the word of advice smashed on the land surface . In the dance dirt, Zhao Kuo rode for the upwards push and flew toward Hao Ren even though viciously impressive his sword in front!
As long as he didn’t area on a lawn, he didn’t shed the fit!
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With narrowed eyes, Oldman Zeng finally discovered through this .
Bang! One other accident of 100s of sword energies startled Oldman Zeng, and that he was soon included in ice cold perspiration .
Bang! Yet another accidents of numerous sword energies startled Oldman Zeng, and then he was soon protected in freezing sweat .
Produced from the limitation on the Five Mountains Charms, Hao Ren seasoned an explosive increase in using his nature essences .
Under his robe, Zhao Kuo was dressed in a Dark colored Mystic Steel Armour!
Even though his sword energies had been ruined, Hao Ren’s meridians skyrocketed!
It was subsequently intense episode!

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